International Conference of Informatics, Multimedia, Cyber, and Information System (ICIMCIS) is a scientific meeting in the field of international information and Communication technology (ICT), wherein researchers and practitioners can disseminate the results of their current researches and discuss current issues in the field especially problems in the informatics, multimedia learning, cybernetics, and information system. The conference is also a forum for gathering ideas from thinkers who can be pure and applied thoughts. Some researchers who will disseminate the results of their research come from various well-known universities in Indonesia and abroad.

Through this international conference, it is expected to be a forum for lecturers, teachers, researchers and practitioners in the field of information and communication technology from all over Indonesia and universities abroad, in exchanging information about the results of the latest research they have done. This national conference is also expected to be able to assist local governments in the success of the information security development program.

Join us at the ICIMCIS 2021 Conference.